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[VIP] xXSweggerQueenXx   created a new thread Swearing in the Report Rule Breakers Here forum
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swearing in eggwars
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Dupe glitch
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[King] Killer_MarsWhy does every1 care so much about their tags on the forums? ive been king for 6 months but idc
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єη∂єякαωαιι   makes me cool
[King] Killer_Mars   i got king tag, now this post makes no sense
[Noble] Safeyelrahman   Lol
[Noble] pathiim overlod on serber but no forums pls fix it!!!!!!!!11 xD !
Moncefv2   please!!!
єη∂єякαωαιι   me 5
Moncefv2   no u
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saying bad things :3
0 Report Rule Breakers He...
Inappropriate structure
0 Report Rule Breakers He...
Major lagback every 5 mins
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[VIP] fazeyoutimeI am honoured on frostrealms server but not on forums fix it xD
[VIP] fazeyoutime   what arsh u got overlord :o
RonFox   Really xArsh03 u got Overlord? then buy me Member+ lol..
[King] xArsh03   I didn't get overlord. Its called sarcasm
StopThePartywhy i did not get my vip rank
please any staff fix this
StopTheParty   i mean vip title in forums
[Knight] Symonbaer123yey knight tag
[Duke] _Avoider_   yey for you guys
[Knight] АяӎθяεδCяξξрξя97   Yey Knight tag, from a week
[Mod] CheeteehZ   Yey, Mod tag
[Retired] saurov
Shaq Sings a TUNAK
Uploaded by MemeMandir2 on 2017-09-23.
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StopTheParty   who is this ****
Edison15HI TRASH :d
[Owner] Trashtalknb   Hi edison
[Noble] Meeeee My Name Is Me:o
malek22i love isis <3 lol
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[OverLord] yourexismine   you love lowblows too
[Owner] Trashtalknb   [link]
malek22   maybe a the other 6% terrorisist of muslims stop if amirca stop killing ppl in vetnam and iraq and stop giving fucking isral money to kill the plhastins ppl
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Got Bann 1 week halp me
9 Prison
Pm Swearing
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