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[Titan] Its_Raehumans are weird
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[Knight] Beat_PaEveryone if you know Allie1 she didn't left mc She got a car accident she don't remembre anything she lost the memory . Her friend had told me this in discord, and also to tell everyone about this . pray that she become better. and try to tell everyone who knows her.
Thank you.
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[VIP] Kaskul   omg no, i hope it get better,
ȼ๏ℓµʍβµ$ ţh€ Ќ๏ąℓą   i was in the other car
[Titan] Its_Rae   omg nooo my twiiiin ;w;
[King] ImpressivelyMake a PvP Tournament and the winner gains 100% Respect and an upgrade of rank. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) l0l..
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[King] pathi with 4k views   i get 80 ms
ȼ๏ℓµʍβµ$ ţh€ Ќ๏ąℓą   vat duz ms mean
[Noble] Fresh   i get 1ms
[Honoured] ThePixelMinerswhat
Im ......<================< Im .........
_Grayson_6   registered to FrostRealms
[VIP] •Ded•Why this happens to me
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[King] Impressively   Bcz you use a cracked launcher so deal with it
HomiePotato   just refreach your servers and try it again it will work
ȼ๏ℓµʍβµ$ ţh€ Ќ๏ąℓą   I got Cracked launcher and never got the problem so keep ur nub brain to urself imprssively
_ContezPvp_Poor Alex :'( v1
Sakip boi//SxAcid   and thats why I left the server
[King] Impressively   That is not new 4 me
ȼ๏ℓµʍβµ$ ţh€ Ќ๏ąℓą   ^ logs out evry game he is about to die and shows off his KDR
drasticdragonite   registered to FrostRealms
_Fresh_Do U Kno De Wae
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[VIP] •Ded•   ...
Sakip boi//SxAcid   *spits*
[King] Impressively   Yup
_Fresh_Im trading a pic of QueenAlice Sexy Ass For A Rank LWAL

[Admin] Tatsu / Shirayuki   What's with my ass
FukMaChups   Extra thicc.
[King] Impressively   Don't use google images
Arima   registered to FrostRealms
PxoTrading for Honoured rank

for more informations pm me
[King] Impressively   You’re so dumb that you thought QueenAlice was Trial Mod, that’s why no one give you a rank
[Admin] Tatsu / Shirayuki   ^ huh
ȼ๏ℓµʍβµ$ ţh€ Ќ๏ąℓą   Impressively dont make me fuk ur ass
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