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Swearing like Salty the Snowman
0 Report Rule Breakers He...
Dragon egg
1 Prison
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HomiePotato   heh
[Admin] Neptii   No tnx :C i don't need those stuff <3
[Noble] pathi is a goddoes anyone here want a texture pack which makes swords look like fidget spinners and bows like a character from my little pony
( [link] )
[Knight] AliyaM   PathiCat, lol i saw it
[Admin] ALANDSome random competition on my wall, feel free to enter if you want.
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[Noble] xFreshie_   wow, a new way for click bait.
StopThePartyanyone who plays trove post your ign here
StopThePartysorry everyone for being bad mad for the past month
my problem was about bugs please FR staff work on fixing bugs
skyblocks and eggwars and prison some bugs
but i will leave the prison after the reset
who may forgive me if i said bad things for you
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StopTheParty   forgot about kingdoms
i did not find bug there xD
[Admin] Neptii   We will do so. :) Don't you worry about it. Post on my wall what bugs you have that bothers you the most i will go look into it.
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ChickenWings007I'll miss some of u guys in prison as today is my last day of pc games...;-; Bye all
ChickenWings007They cooked me for dinner...
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ChickenWings007This is my life being cooked by crazy people
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HomiePotatoNeil Plz Fix Kingdoms
[Duke] _Avoider_   Kingdoms Sucks NO !

Bring Factions Back and Close
Triple_nFR please re-add Shields to Survival Games cuz its cool and also its helps nubs protect themselves from slightly better nubs
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HomiePotato   lol
[Duke] _Avoider_   you are one of them
Nighter   created a new thread I need Dragon Egg (Screenshot) in the Report Rule Breakers Here forum
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[Owner] Trashtalknb   published MC:PE Poll on News
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