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[Honoured] ❄JJ_Emojiz❄   Thanks for telling today's data i was really confused <3 ! :)
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5467382 and kuyamo registered to FrostRealms
[Honoured] ❄JJ_Emojiz❄The first couple that i done marriage! Thanks for making me priest! , See their love <3 :d
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HomiePotato   lol
HelpMe43 and Erik B registered to FrostRealms
Snowlette28Pharrell Williams x Camila Cabello - SANGRIA WINE (Minecraft Music Video) coming this 5/25/2018 in my channel : [link]
BlastofCain   created a new thread I got banned for ' Ban Evading ' in the Minigames forum
Next95some of the admins were saying im drleaf....who the fuck is drleaf?i swear to god i don't know him,and i never talked with him...I want my unban on Next95,i evaded mute..i wont dissapoint of you mute me permanently
[VIP+] •Ded•   i like how ur still trying
[VIP] conteznub   drlef
Next95   stole it HAHAAHHA
GlenTheFiveStarhey pls make mcpe server
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burakk58 and youness registered to FrostRealms
ThePandaEmperorI have played minecraft for 4 years now... this is the first house I ever built... but also my last lol
blezik   i think 9 years i play minecraft :p
OgreSample Text
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linux420   registered to FrostRealms
SceinjaTip: best way to get views on on meme lounge and upload a dick pic (Yours) or pussy (cat) pic lololol #LostMaMind #RetartedPotato #TooMuchPewDiePie #Pewdiepie
Lazy Lance   ok
HomiePotato   seems working
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